New Clients


CCM is a not-for-profit, faith-based organization and must recover its operating costs to remain viable. Our fees are designed to ensure that we can pay our staff, insurance, and all other overhead costs. A portion of these expenses is defrayed by donations and contributions, but we must rely on fees to cover most of our costs. It is important, therefore, that payment be made by cash or check at the time services are provided, unless prior arrangements have been made. We do not accept credit cards.

CCM operates on a sliding fee scale, based on total annual family gross income and family size. Our graduated scale, which reflects our underlying approach to this Christian ministry, is designed to enable individuals at all income levels to afford professional help in order to deal with emotional, psychological or spiritual concerns.

Some churches have chosen to provide financial assistance to their members who use CCM’s counseling services by paying some or all of the fees. Under these arrangements with churches, CCM offers a church rate. Churches may then provide their own fee scale to members to recover some of the cost. You may want to check with your Pastor or Deacon/Elder Board to see if they would be willing to help you in this way. We welcome churches to consider CCM as a local ministry worthy of support through their missions budget and special offerings.

We have found that there have been many disadvantages to our clients who have used insurance. It has become difficult for clients to receive substantial re-imbursement from insurance companies. Most insurance policies require that a deductible be met before benefits begin and require a co-payment, which is often in the same fee range as our sliding scale. Therefore, often our clients benefit financially by using our sliding fee scale instead of their insurance.

If you would like to use insurance, however, we want to advise you on the procedures to follow. CCM no longer directly bills HMOs or other major insurance companies. If you have a mental health rider with your insurance plan that allows you to collect reimbursement directly from them, then you are free to use your insurance. If you do decide to use insurance, you will be required to pay CCM’s regular fee up front, and then your insurance company will reimburse you for the amount due to you. We will not be able to bill your insurance company for you. If you are considering using insurance, we recommend that you call your provider to find out about your benefits. Call your insuance carrier’s Member Services’ phone number, usually printed on the back of the card, for that information.

Ask the following questions:

  • What benefits are covered by my policy for mental health?
  • Is there a deductible I have to meet? If so, how much?
  • Is there a co-pay? If so, what is the percentage covered? (e.g. If they pay 80% of a $103 fee, they will reimburse you $80 of that fee. If they pay 50%, they will reimburse you $51) Please note: We have found that by the time clients pay their deductible and their co-pay, it is usually more beneficial and much easier to pay according to our sliding fee scale.
  • What are the credential requirements for the mental health practitioner? Because insurance carriers differ on their requirements, it is important that you ask specific questions regarding out-of-network providers, licensure, certification, degrees, etc.

We have eliminated the hassles of using insurance to our clients to ensure:

  • Guaranteed complete confidentiality. No one, insurance companies or employers, will know that you are receiving treatment. Insurance companies require a diagnosis and sometimes a summary of the treatment, which may remain a part of your file. Anyone who has access to your file can retrieve this private information.
  • No limit on number of sessions. Insurance companies often have strict limits on the number of sessions you receive and treatment is often cut short because insurance will not reimburse beyond these limits, no matter how much you may need the help.
  • No pre-approval or prior authorization is needed. Insurance companies often require you to have a referral from a primary care physician, and often, reports have to be sent to the insurance company before they will authorize another session.
  • In fact by using our sliding scale, there is no paper work at all, no guessing as to how many sessions you may have left, or whether or not treatment will be abruptly discontinued due to failure of reimbursement.
  • No lengthy delays in reimbursements and payments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Christian Counseling Ministries at 716-632-3200. Thank you.