Adolescent and Children’s Services

CCM employees four counselors who specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents.  A child’s current developmental level, family dynamics, and history (including special issues like adoption) are integrated into the counseling process.

Children are often limited in verbal and cognitive abilities and therefore, can have a difficult time in traditional talk-oriented therapy. Through games, pretend play, story telling, art, music, and drama, counselors are able to connect with children and help them to resolve their problems in a “hands-on” way.  Since adolescents are often initially resistant to counseling our counselors use a variety of engagement tools such as art, current music, and multi-media to help develop the trust and authentic relationship that is vital to the counseling process.

CCM is equipped with a play therapy room and with youth-friendly counseling offices. We use these welcoming spaces to counsel children and adolescents dealing with emotional, behavioral, and psychological problems.

We also have video programs, books, handouts, and structured activities to use with children and their families when coping with specific issues. Parents are considered an integral part of the healing process and are strongly encouraged to be involved in the therapy upon request by the counselor.

Treating children and adolescents also sometimes calls for Case Management Services. These services often include the co-ordination of pediatricians, schools, specialists, and other helpful resources in the community. Counselors at CCM frequently come alongside parents as advocates for their children.  A comprehensive plan for improved spiritual, physical, emotional, behavioral, and psychological well-being of the child is developed together with parents.

*Of Special Note- Two of CCM’s counselors have completed an intensive 100+ hr training in Trust-Based Relational Intervention Professional Training (TBRI) through TCU Institute of Child Development. This cutting edge treatment model has been applied successfully with many children for whom multiple other interventions have failed. TBRI has been proven very effective with adopted and foster-care children and other “at-risk” children. For more information about this exciting intervention that CCM can now offer, see  or call us at 716/632-3200 to ask CCM (attn: Laurie Belanger) for more information.