Pre-Marital Counseling

PURPOSE: To help pastors prepare couples, without the pressure of time constraints and
dual relationships, for the challenges that can occur in marriage.

TOPICS COVERED: Goals, Expectations, Roles, Past Influences, Personality
Similarities/Differences, Communication, Finances, Friendships, Conflict Resolution,
Spiritual Intimacy, Sexual Intimacy

TESTING: Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis: To help the couple gain insight into
themselves and each other and to understand how similarities and differences may
enhance/hinder the relationship.

RESOURCES: Use of prescribed homework assignments  to gather and provide information.

CONFIDENTIAL SUMMARY REPORT: Prepared for the Pastor upon completion of counseling highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the couple as well as any problems presented.

NUMBER OF SESSIONS: 4 sessions depending on need as issues are discussed.

COST: $350 – includes all testing plus confidential summary report for officiating pastor. Considering all of the expenses of a wedding, pre-marital counseling can be the most important investment a couple can make.

MAKING AN APPOINTMENT: Couples are responsible for making their own appointments by calling our main office at 716-632-3200.

RECOMMENDATIONS: We recommend that the pastor meet with the couple at least once before the counseling process to discuss any expectations and goals before the wedding and once upon completion of counseling to discuss dynamics, issues raised and address any questions prior to the wedding.
Due to the high volume of pre-marital counseling we work with a select number of local churches. Please call our offices to inquire if you church is affiliated with our pre-marital program.  To set up an appointment or learn more about our pre-marital program, please call out main office at 716-632-3200.  Thank You.