Seminars, Workshops, and Retreats

Our counselors at CCM are available to lead seminars, workshops and retreats on a variety of topics at our site or yours. We have a wide variety of topics for your church or organization to choose from, or you can choose a topic according to your needs.

There are programs designed especially for adults, couples, parents, children, teens and the church body. They are available in 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour, half-day, full day, and retreat weekend formats. Topics can be combined in various sequences for weekly programs, monthly presentations, small groups or retreats. Programs can be adapted for either didactic lectures or seminars and interactive formats or workshops. They can be tailored for specific audiences or age groups. CCM will help with advertising the event and rates are determined on an individual basis.

Below are a few of our more popular seminars:

SEMINAR TOPIC: Boundaries in Relationships
Setting boundaries on our time, our jobs, our hobbies, our activities and free time and our relationships is important for sound mental health and healthy relationships. This seminar will define boundaries, talk about how they impact our lives and give very practical guidelines that can be implemented immediately. An understanding of boundaries and how they work is the first step in making positive changes in our lives.
• For PARENTS to help their children become responsible, accountable and dependable.
• For COUPLES to develop more positive communication and respect for differences.
• For TEENS to learn how to say “no” to peer pressure and make wise, moral choices.
• For TEACHERS to feel more in control of the classroom or in management of time.
• For STAFF in churches or other organizations to ensure more productivity and a more positive work environment.
• In GRIEF CARE for Staff or Grief Groups to discover healthy ways to grieve and help others grieve.
• For WOMEN’S AND MEN’S GROUPS to learn healthier ways of relating and managing life roles.
• For PRE-MARITAL COUPLES to discover how to live with differences and have positive communication.
• For CHURCHES to help congregants become more confident in their choices and relationships.This seminar can be adapted for any group and presented as a workshop or retreat. Running time: 2 – 6 hours depending on request.

SEMINAR TOPIC: Pornography and Sexual Addiction
· For men and women struggling with sexual addiction
· For partners of an addict
· For parents of children who show signs of sexual addiction
· For parents of children who spend hours on the Internet
· For youth leaders to help teens in the church
· For pastors to learn tools to help members in the church.
· For teachers to educate students on the dangers of addiction
· For fathers and sons to talk about the dangers of addiction

This seminar is very informative on the dangers of pornography and its 24-hour accessibility on the Internet. We expose some of the causes behind addiction and ways to learn more healthy coping mechanisms. We also identify the warning signs of addiction and how to help someone break free from its power. The material is presented in a non-threatening format and allows for discussion of sensitive issues. Running time is 3-4 hours.

SEMINAR TOPIC: The 3 R’s of Parenting -Rules, Respect & Relationship
Discover how to provide an environment in your home that fosters open communication, balanced discipline and personal growth. Learn how to enforce limits based on principles, teach and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and build relationships based on love and security. Handouts, object lessons, and audience participation are used to enhance learning.

This seminar can be tailored for a specific age range. It is also effective with parents of teens with the teens in attendance. Running time: 1 ½ – 3 hours depending on the request.

To schedule a seminar or retreat, call our main office at 716-632-3200.