An initiative of Christian Counseling Ministries of WNY – Reaching behind closed doors to illuminate and eliminate the stigma and secrecy of marital, family, and mental health-related crises open pathways toward help, health, and healing.


To mentor Christian leaders to identify and respond to the social-emotional and mental health-related needs of their members and local communities.


To motivate, mentor, and support the local church body in addressing the
growing mental health crises and needs of their communities from a holistic
perspective, encompassing the physical, mental, social-emotional, relational,
and spiritual health of the individuals, couples, and families they serve.

Goals and Initiative

1. To EXAMINE how churches and Christian organizations are addressing mental health-related issues in their circles of influence.
2. To EDUCATE Christian leaders to identify marital, family, and mental health-related issues and needs in their churches, communities, and beyond.
3. To EQUIP Christian leaders with the knowledge, skills, and resources to respond to the marital, family, and mental health-related issues and crises of their members and communities.
4. To ELEVATE the Christian church as a place for healing where believers and non-believers can turn, in times of crisis, without fear of judgment,
to receive hope, counsel, and restoration.


Through quarterly meetings, open to church, para-church, and community
leaders, CCM of WNY will provide education, training, and resources to
assist leaders in addressing the mental health-related issues occurring behind
closed doors in their circles of influence. CCM will facilitate discussions to determine the needs of leaders and create a community of support.