About Me

Cheryl Chambers



I am a believer in Christ disguised as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. My desire is to help the clients I serve to
desire wholeness through their struggles and to help them (should that be their desire) to understand their identity in
I received a double Master’s Degree from Georgia State University and The Psychological Studies Institute both in
Atlanta, GA. The latter trained me in how to integrate the field of psychology with my Christian faith. I continue to take
advantage of live and online seminars and workshops to stay current and relevant in the methods I employ to help clients.
Recently I completed a live training to become a Telehealth Mental Health Counselor and am, therefore, equipped to do
video and telephone counseling.
When I was choosing my career path, I was intrigued by the study of the human mind and its power to both store life
experiences and unleash the hold they have on an individual. Life is full of unfortunate tragedies and suffering which
impact how we survived as a result, and how survival techniques affect us in the present. Counseling is a powerful avenue
to heal unwanted acquired styles of relating.
One of the ways I take care of myself is friendships that allow me to be vulnerable, honest and authentic; I don’t like
pretenses. I also enjoy reading novels and writing my own thoughts as well as poems for people in commendation or
memorial. One of my passions is understanding how churches and Christianity can often distort Jesus’ teachings and
modeling, thereby, not only heap loads of guilt and shame on a believer but, as a result, propagate a “works” mentality.
The families of my two daughters bring us much pleasure and any traveling we do these days is to visit them in CA and
IN. Our five grandchildren are some of the greatest joys of our lives.
A scripture verse I rely on is James 1:5, “If anyone lacks wisdom let him ask of God who gives to all liberally without
holding back.” It is helpful whether I am in the role of a mother, a sister, a wife, a grandmother, or most importantly, of a