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If you are ready for a life change that will endure, come experience all God has to offer through this healing and transformational program.   Supported by Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Tracie VanEpps, LCSW, the Healing Journey is a comprehensive Bible study loaded with proven and effective tools to help you move toward a place of wholeness and freedom, regardless of whether your issues are mild and typical, or horrendous and devastating. It is a place where anyone desiring to learn and experience God’s Biblical principles for healing, can move toward a more satisfying life. The Healing Journey provides an opportunity to heal from mental, emotional, or spiritual wounds.   Topics include:

  • Exposing lies we believe
  • Relinquishing power and control to God
  • Understanding God’s Perspective
  • Shredding our victim identities
  • Dealing with hard feelings
  • Forgiving our offenders
  • Grieving our losses
  • Trusting God
Beginning FALL, 2019
29 Week Program

Meetings:  Mondays 6-8pm at
CCM of WNY, Clarence Office

For Info Call: 632-3200 x 10 or

Speak with a counselor about joining this 29 week group experience and learn how to let go and let God Heal your wounds.

* a Published Program of His Healing Light Ministries