• Individual Counseling – To help adults cope with mental health issues, resolve internal conflicts, and grow emotionally and spiritually
  • Child-Centered Counseling – To help children cope with family changes, resolve mental and emotional problems, and build social and behavioral skills
  • Group Counseling – To help individuals find support in others who are coping with similar issues
  • Career Planning – To help individuals with career decisions & assess vocational interests
  • Testing & Evaluation – To assess individuals in the areas of psychological well -being, personality, spiritual gifts, and mental health.
  • Marriage Counseling – To help couples resolve conflicts, preserve marriage, and grow in intimacy. Help for sexual problems, infidelity, communication, and problem resolution
  • Premarital Couples Counseling – To help couples prepare for marriage, learn communication and conflict resolution skills, and evaluate their relationship.
  • Family Therapy – To help families resolve parent-child conflicts, cope with child-focused problems, transition to new life stages, and understand and support each other
  • Educational Programs – Seminars, workshops, and retreats on various topics for specific audiences.

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