STEP 1:  INTAKE- The process starts with a phone call (632-3200) to set-up an initial appointment.  During that phone call, you will be asked to provide contact information and a brief description of the reason you want counseling.  To utilize our sliding fee, clients must provide their gross annual income.  You will then be matched with a counselor according to type of treatment needed, expertise, and availability.


STEP 2:  ASSESSMENT – The first 1-3 appointments with the counselor involve a semi-structured interview, in which the counselor gathers information about you including medical health, family history, sources of stress, current relationships, and past counseling experiences.  The presenting problem is discussed, mental health and diagnostic symptoms are assessed, and goals for counseling are formulated.  The counselor may also administer various written or diagnostic tests to further understand your current state and problems.


STEP 3:  COUNSELING – Through a therapeutic relationship, the counselor and client work together to help the client achieve symptom relief, personal growth, and goal attainment.  


STEP 4: TERMINATION – Counseling concludes with an agreement between the counselor and client to end the counseling process and reach closure of the therapeutic relationship, typically when goals are reached.