Dr. Timothy P. Chambers, Ed.D.

Dr. Timothy Chambers
I founded Christian Counseling Ministries of Western New York, Inc. (CCM) in 1983 in response to a growing need in our area for faith-based counseling services from professionally trained counselors. We believe firmly in the integration of scriptural principles with daily living, and believe that God can use the study of the mind and human behavior to heal wounds from our past and conflicts in the present.
If you could change on your own you would have done it. That is why you need a skilled therapist to assist you on your journey. One who can help you explore beneath the surface struggles and find the internal roots which have contributed to the origins of your current issues. Lasting change occurs from the inside out. We would be honored to help.
On staff, we have NYS licensed male and female mental health counselors, social workers, art therapists, and marriage & family therapists. We provide services in the following treatment areas: individual therapy, marriage and family therapy, premarital counseling, counseling with children and adolescents, psychological testing, and group therapy.


  • Years in Practice: 37 Years
  • School: University of Rochester
  • Year Graduated: 1983
  • License and State: 001346 New York