Behind Closed Doors

From Stigma to Health

An Initiative of Christian Counseling Ministries of WNY

Reaching behind closed doors to illuminate and eliminate the stigma and secrecy of marital, family, and mental health-related crises; and open paths toward help, health, and healing.

To motivate, mentor, and support the local church body in addressing the growing mental health crises and needs of their communities holistically, by encompassing physical, mental, social-emotional, relational, and spiritual health of individuals, couples, and families.

At quarterly meetings, we will provide education, training, and resources for addressing mental health-related issues occurring behind closed d oors, to church, para-church, and community leaders. We will also discuss their needs and create a community of support.

To EXAMINE how churches and Christian organizations are addressing mental health-related issues in their circles of influence.

To ELEVATE the Christian church as a place for healing to which believers and non-believers can turn in cris is, without fear of judgment, for hope, counsel, and restoration.

For information on future events or to schedule a speaker on mental health for your church, youth group, or organization, please contact us at (716) 632-3200.